CAPITAL STRUCTURE SHUBH LABH FINANCE’s considerable shares are held with two individual promoters and one institutional promoter. While majority of the shares held with Creation Investments Social Ventures collective with it’s both funds being the majority stakeholder in the company. SHUBH LABH FINANCE’s Shareholding Structure Name Percentage Individual promoters 12.33% Shubh labh Finance Trust 19.04% Foreign Direct Investment 48.24% TRUST 17.13% Private Financier’s Fund 3.26% Total 100.00% Private Financier’s has invested in Shubh Labh Finance, in accordance with its policy to invest in promising start up and support the growth. Also provides mentoring support and technical assistance in areas including capacity building, governance, and systems, legal and statutory compliance. Funding Details The Financial Position of SHUBH LABH FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED SHUBH LABH FINANCE primarily borrows funds to meet up its on lending requirement. Most of the borrowed funds are secured term loan. As on date, twice, SHUBH LABH FINANCE has been offered for the Partnership Model, but both times SHUBH LABH FINANCE has refused to take the route of the Partnership. SHUBH LABH FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED Never borrowed funds from the Any Financial Institution.