• Since its inception, Shubh Labh Finance Private Limited has strived to follow the best practices used by poverty focused MFIs. Shubh Labh Finance Private Limited ‘s managers have closely observed the methodology, products, operational structure and staff development of successful MFIs before identifying and picking up the best practices in the field of poverty lending.

  • Shubh Labh Finance has adopted a group lending approach and is working in the rural, semi-urban and urban areas of Central Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

  • Shubh Labh Finance focuses on the poorer sections of its target market and uses tested tools of poverty assessment like the CASHPOR Housing Index to target clients.

  • Shubh Labh Finance uses purely incentive based agents called Business Development Associates to expand its client base at a relatively low fixed labor cost in a short time frame.

  • Shubh Labh Finance started its finance operations by offering one simple income generating loan product, the general loan. The company plans to add other products in the coming years.

  • Shubh Labh Finance also facilitates optimum insurance coverage for its clients.
    Appropriate use of technology, well-researched product design and pricing along with a strong focus on financial sustainability are the hallmarks of Shubh Labh Finance.

Our Operational Strategy

Shubh Labh Finance started its operations in January 2002 in Central East Uttar Pradesh where the potential for finance operations is huge. This densely populated region is one of the poorest in India in terms of density and depth of poverty. In U.P and UK. starting its operation from Uttrakhand district, Shubh Labh Finance later expanded to other adjacent districts of Kaushambi, Raibareli, Pratapgarh, Sultanpur, Kanpur and Fatehpur.

With the acquisition of finance operations from Livelihoods Support, it made its presence in Madhya Pradesh as well. In M.P., it is presently operating in Jabalpur, Katni & Narsinghpur districts with plans for expansion to surrounding districts in near future.