Our Loan Products

Loan Product Loan Amount Rate of Interest (Flat Balance Method) Processing Fee Tenure
Jointers, Group’s and companies. 50 Lac -01 Crore 5 % 12,500/- 5 to 20 Years
Individual and Low scale Business Lending 20 Lac – 50 Lac 5 % 8,500/- 2 to 20 Years
Low income and Students. 1Lac -20Lac 5 % 5,500/- 1 to 20Years

Our Strategy

  • Processing Fee Charged at the time of submission of loan file.
  • Penalty is not charged in any case.
  • Prepayment allowed after 3 months of Loan and without prepayment penalty.
  • Loan is repayable by Monthly installments at the date of choice of the borrower.
  • The Loans are sanctioned for supporting the members for undertaking Income Generating activities.
  • We do not charge any type of other additional fee from clients accept policy and service tax for loan security purpose and loan policy amount will be decide according to the Risk on loan and service tax will be applicable according to the government market percentage, it is a mandatory terms & condition applicable on the private funders that they can collect service tax from the consumer of the service.
  • Loan amount would not be varying because there are no charges would be deducted from the loan.
  • We ensure that any of the clients are not financed by more than one NBFC or any other private and government banks excluding Shub Labh Finance Private Limited.
  • According to government terms and conditions all charges are refundable within 90 days to the consumer through cheque or Draft on his name, apart processing fees.
  • Maximum permissible net loan exposure to a client is not more than Rs 1 Crore and rest depends on the consumer documents and other business documentations including age.
  • All documents are mandatorily to be verified by Credit Bureau or external verification team before submission of the loan file and Guarantors documents would be verify before disbursement of loan.
  • Only 5 days will be provided by the company to the consumer to complete the all necessary documentations and to arrange all kind of charges regarding the loan, If unfortunately Consumer will get fail to fulfill the Company terms and condition then his/her loan file will be closed without any prior notice.
  • Guarantors’ documents would be submitted after verifying applicant documents.
  • In case of non guarantor consumers, Court will be the guarantor on the behalf of consumers and formalities would be chargeable and payable by the applicant for the guarantor arrangements, company would not bear any kind of charges regarding the guarantor documentation.
  • If consumer requests us to change anything in sanction letter or approval letter, after issued of sanction letter, then it would chargeable 500/- Rs per Change.
  • If consumer not fulfill the company any type of necessary requirements regarding the loan in given time period and ask for refund in that case, there is no refunds will be provided by the company to the consumer, if company not full fill their commitment towards consumer then company will refund all the charges apart processing fees.
  • Applicants can get appointment only after verifying of documents and submission of processing charges, without verifying of documents and without processing charges consumer would not be eligible for appointment with any person of office.
  • For any further information kindly contact customer@shubhlabhfinance.com.