Our Vision

The vision of SHUBH LABH FINANCE is to help building a society that contains an opportunity to develop the minimal socio-economic conditions needed to live a life of dignity.


Our Mission

SHUBH LABH FINANCE PVT LTD has set itself a mission to “identify and motivate poor men & women in a cost-effective way and deliver them Finance Services at 5% Per Annum in an honest, timely and efficient manner.”

In the meantime, SHUBH LABH FINANCE PVT LTD commits to be professionally managed, operationally sustainable and financially profitable.


Our Goals

  • Providing financial resources to enable poor men & women of rural, semi urban and urban communities to come out of poverty and get connected with formal financial institutions.Shubh Labh Finance’s ambition is to ensure that at least 50% of people who enter the program cross the poverty line within 5 years of participation in the program.

  • Developing a scaleable and growing business that covers a significant number of poor households while maintaining portfolio and service quality. In 5 years SHUBH LABH FINANCE PVT LTD intends to serve more than 200,000 families.

  • Providing returns to its investors to make it an attractive investment opportunity. Finance Institution’s (MFI’s) replicating the original Grameen approach usually require between 5-10 years to achieve breakeven and sustainability. SHUBH LABH FINANCE PVT LTD has reached breakeven in FY 2010, thanks to its fast track growth model.